Are you here to know all the aspects of cryptocurrency? Yes, definitely you are here to know all about cryptocurrency and its purposes.

Table of contents:

1. What is cryptocurrency?

2. What is the purpose of cryptocurrency?

3. How does cryptocurrency work?

4. What is crypto Anarchism?

5. What is the difference between bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

6. What is Mining?

7. What are Payment methods for Cryptocurrency?

8. Is Cryptocurrency Legal?

9. Five reasons you should go for Cryptocurrency?

10. Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

11. Applications of cryptocurrency.

12. Conclusion.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a visual currency that is used for online trade. Cryptocurrency uses online archives to secure transactions. It is a form of payment to buy goods. Many companies have made their type of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is your online asset that works as a means of transactions. This currency can not be altered as physical currency. It would be best if you had any Cryptocurrency to be exchanged by another client.

What is the purpose of Cryptocurrency?

The main aim behind introducing Cryptocurrency was to make online money transfer easy. People around the world would face problems with currency rates and slacked payment methods.

The inventor of Crypto:

Satoshi Nakamoto, the first to introduce a type of Crypto, puts light on it. Satoshi says it was never meant to introduce a currency but a medium to exchange online money easier.

Illustrative purpose:

Crypto is webbing over the online market. Crypto is becoming an investing platform. Not only for trading and buying goods, but you can invest in Cryptocurrency as well.

How does Cryptocurrency work?

You set your portfolio to buy cryptocurrencies. Sell or buy your Crypto according to changing rates. Then save your cryptocurrencies.

Whenever transactions are made, cryptocurrency awards tokens to transactors.

Step-by-step Guideline:

To make it easily understandable, I am fractionating the whole process into three steps:

● Make a transaction

● The block-chain

● Mining

What is Crypto Anarchism?

According to, Crypto Anarchism is the ideology of security policies. Crypto Anarchism focuses on the privacy and economic policies of users. Crypto Anarchy is privileged and security software to make end-to-end transactions secure in a more straightforward explanation.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency?

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a type of Cryptocurrency. It is a computer file stored in your digital Wallet or on your phone or your PC. You exchange bitcoins with others with the help of this Wallet.

Difference between Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin is the best Cryptocurrency in the market. Bitcoin uses Cryptocurrency as a medium to be transferred.

Cryptocurrency is a technology used by Bitcoin and other currencies to conduct the exchange.

What is Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is a process from which you can earn money by not even investing. People who use this process are called Miners.

Miners get Bitcoin by accomplishing blocks for proven transactions as a reward.

What are Payment methods for Cryptocurrency?

You can use the most trusty international payment methods to get paid. The most recommended methods are:

● Paypal

● Credit card

● Bank transfer

● Debit cards

● Digital tokens

Is Cryptocurrency Legal?

Unlike hard-copied currency, Cryptocurrency can not be used for charity, etc. Its value depends upon the online bitcoin market.

Cryptocurrency is not legal for authoritative tenders. It is not monitored or regulated. You are just part of virtual market trading and investing over the soft-copied currency.

5 reasons you should go for Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has got the attention of the World’sWorld’s market. Cryptocurrency is rapidly arousing in the virtual market. Here are some valid reasons.

● Deceit-proof

● Easily accessible

● Theft Identification

● Instant Settlement

● You own it

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain:

Cryptocurrency works through Blockchain. Block-chain is a collection of digital information, blocks or database information.

On the contrary, Cryptocurrency is a medium to exchange bitcoin.

What are the Applications of Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has vast applications, and it is wrapping virtual trading day by day. Some of its applications are mentioned below:

● Cross-border money exchange

● Security of personal identity

● Supply chain and administrative monitoring

● IT operating system

● Secured data sharing


Cryptocurrency has made trading and exchange way beyond more comfortable. With all its advantages, it does have drawbacks. But liability and low-cost money transfer has overcome their spoils.

Want to spend some charming time on Ganesh Hemal, with an unforgettable experience in the teahouse? Absolutely yes.

The teahouse in Nepal is a mountain lodge and located along the trekking routes in Nepal. Meals and lodging are available readily as the routes are a path where visitors come to seek this sort of relaxation.

Here, you get to choose from a wide range of food items and also get private lodging rooms to stay in. The tea houses are basically mountain shelters that give an opportunity to rest after a tiring day of trekking.

The Tea House can also be seen as an accommodation that provides for the basic needs and requirements of trekkers. Our goal is to provide an ideal experience to the customers with a fair rate value that is justifiable.

The customers will get the most satisfying and relaxing experience. Our specialization is in the paths that are beaten off the tracks, more specifically in the Ganesh Himal region. We also work to support our local community that we ourselves participate in.

With this article, we hope to introduce you to the list of tips and experiences so you can surely be prepared about what it is like to stay at a tea house in Nepal!

The situation of Communal and Dining Areas:

Like every other tea house, there is a huge dining room that has a wood-burning stove in the center of the room. This is a very nice spot to meet up with the other trekkers and have an interesting conversation learning about each other’s experiences.

Comfortable dinings:

You can warm up and relax while sipping hot tea. You can do all of this whilst looking over the sunset over the mountains which is a very beautiful view. In the past six to seven years, domestic tourism has increased a lot.

Nepali trekkers have increased a lot in numbers and along with that, even international trekkers have started to come to Nepal to trekking and use tea houses a lot as well.

Sleeping procedure:

In some of the higher lodging rooms, the customers can stay and sleep in the community rooms on the extra costs that are available and also on the tables too if every other room is occupied.

The Shared and Private Rooms:

Many tea houses in the Ganesh Himal region have a quite similar setup and are a walking distance from one another.

Room appliances:

Here, you will find from two to three twin beds arranged in every single room with an overhead light that works some of the time. There will also be a window and personal keys and a lock for you to use for your lodging rooms.

The beds are considerably very comfortable with the foam padding, blanket, and pillows available. They are practically ready for you to wind down and relax.

You should, however, consider bringing with you an extra pair of a sleeping bags in case you need extra warmth during the nighttime. In shared rooms, the quality of cleanliness is not always guaranteed however once cleaned by staff all the lodges are perfectly clean.

For extra comfort:

Bring a liner in the warmer months and a sleeping bag in the colder months, as it is always a good idea to have these on hand.

Earplugs that are noise-canceling specifically are also a necessity in a tea house. This is to ensure that you get a good night’s rest and sleep peacefully so that you can continue your journey later.

Single rooms:

Single rooms are, however, readily reserved for customers who might request them. Sometimes when the trails get extremely crowded to the point of rooms not being available, the travelers can be asked by the tea houses to share rooms to save space for more travelers.

This is a usual occurrence as trails do often get very full and everyone’s needs must be attended to. At such times, rest is prioritized for everyone by the tea house.

Showers and Toilets:

The tea houses in the Ganesh Himal region will most often have either the western type of toilets or instead of the squat type traditional style of toilets.

The traditional toilets:

These traditional ones are the ones more commonly used all over Nepal. Thing is, you can not be sure which one you might be getting in the tea house you decide to visit.

But keep in mind the fact that the higher up of the trekking route the tea house is, it is more likely going to have the traditional style of toilets.

Things you must have:

Bring more than enough toilet paper with you in case of emergencies and just to be on the safe side. You must also bring your own hand sanitizer and keep it near you in case you may need to use it urgently. Since these are public places, you must keep cleanliness and protection of your health at the top of your priorities no matter how clean any place might seem.

Cleanliness and hygiene:

One obstacle many faces is the cleanliness and hygiene of the toilets in tea houses, but of course, they are kept very clean. It is just that as an individual, you must care about the health concerns on a higher level.

In terms of the shower situation, hot water is not always a guarantee during winter. Make sure there is hot water running before you decide to hop in.

Showers are also more likely to be available only in the lower elevations of tea houses. In this case, keeping a good number of wet wipes on you is the best choice you can make. They are easy to carry and clean very well.

WIFI and Electricity:

Solar power:

is a great source that is utilized by many tea houses in Nepal.

However, in case of bad weather, the lights can be cut off until there is enough power again for the electricity to be powered up again. If it gets a little cloudy you can automatically expect a power outage until the weather conditions stabilize.

Other than that, a bad flow of wind can also cause a disruption in the electricity of solar-powered tea houses.

WIFI outlets:

There are some tea houses that have an option where you can use their wifi for a very small charge. However, these connections will be very slow. There are some wifi outlets available near the tea houses however during day time they may also not work during bad weather.

You can also expect a limitation on the internet or no coverage at all in higher elevation areas. To avoid such mishaps, you can always bring a solar charger or a battery pack.

You can also ask and sue the power strip of some tea house owners for a small fee of $1–2 per hour.


There is a wide range of tea varieties available so you can have your cups full. You will most likely be greeted and welcomed with a nice and hot cup of black sweetened tea. Hiking during some of the colder months, seems like the most perfect way of relaxing.

Meals available at the tea houses are cooked fresh by the owners themselves. The food is highly delicious but the western style dishes vary in taste quality. The traditional Nepali dishes are the best.


Food is a very important point which cannot be denied. If we talk about the teahouse trekking flooding system then it is above the mark.

The taste of the food matters a lot and this is the specialty of the teahouse that their taste is very related to western taste. And the overall taste makes the scenario more amazing and fabulous. Now get to the point of types of foods in teahouse trekking.

Types of foods:

After hiking, you will act like the most thunderous person, because of the altitude. Everest base camp trek food is the point where you can remove your appetite.

Most visitors remove their hunger at that point. There are different varieties of food which you can enjoy with your family at different locations.


For breakfast, you will be served with muesli or warm milk. But mostly they serve you with the energy food called porridge. It is made up of warm milk, honey, and some grains like buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, etc.

Other than that you have a toast in which some mixture of different creams is embedded and their bread is deeply fried. With the toast, you have a boiled egg with some jam in the jar. The boiled egg gives you a great protein source but you also have an option to take an omelet with the toast.

Lunch and dinner:

You can take the same footings in lunch and dinner because the foods served in lunch and dinner are almost the same and you can enjoy them at both, lunch or dinner.

The pasta and spaghetti is the most delicious dish in lunch and dinner. Both of the food items are marked very well. Pasta and spaghetti contain small pieces of chickens, olives, vegetables, etc. And the sauces make the taste much better and spicy.

Other than that variety of foods like Tibetan bread, Sherpa stew, Pizza, cheese sandwiches, and especially Dal-Bhat are the most delicious foods provided in the teahouse. There can be a change of taste in these dishes at different teahouses. But mostly the recipe is the same.

One thing that is worth describing is their drinks. There are warm drinks as well as casual drinks. One of the most famous drinks is the mixture of honey, ginger, and lemon. It gives great comfort to your body as well as your throat.

Moreover, there is the option of warm coffee which is mind-refreshing. Tengboche is the place where you can go and enjoy the best coffee ever while trekking.

Altitude sickness and given treatment:

Most people while trekking cannot breathe at a normal rate and become sick. This is due to the higher altitude, mostly at 8000 feet or above in which there is a low concentration of oxygen.

The guides at the trekking give their best in that type of situation. They suggest they sleep at lower altitudes where there is enough oxygen. They also suggest taking a rest of the day on a trek.

Remaining dehydrated is the most dangerous situation while trekking. The guides highly recommended that you take a large amount of water.

In serious situations, they give the treatments like hyperbaric treatment and others. They also provide the sick person with medicines like acetazolamide, dexamethasone, and anti-nausea medicines. In a real sense, the staff and guides of the teahouse are very cooperative.


1. What type of foods are served in the teahouse?

Different types of foods are served in the teahouse. Such as dal-bhat, french toasts, pasta, spaghetti. If we talk about drinks then there are a variety of drinks such as coffee, warm milk, and some green teas.

2.What is the situation of toilets in the teahouse?

There are very clean toilets in the teahouse. There are proper sanitation systems of washrooms in the teahouse. However, you should take some toilet paper and hand sanitizers with you.


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Introduction to SERP:

“SERP are the answers to the questions of the user’s query in the form of pages. When a user reaches any platform to solve his/her query, he types his question in the form of a keyword on Google, and it provides relevant web pages to the user related to his/her question. That web page is called a search engine result page.”

SERP give their users the following features during the search:

● Organic or universal search results.

● Paid or sponsored search results.

● Snippets related to the user’s searched keyword.

● Information provided, with graphs and data.

● Videos and Images according to the search.

Moreover, every search engine result page has its qualities and features. You will see that each platform will give the identical SERP If you searched the same keyword. That is because of the vast experiments performed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. That’s why SERP of this time is much more responsive and unique as compared to the past.

Organic results:

As you know, Google has its complex algorithm to rank any web page on Google. Organic results are those results that are recommended by the algorithm of a search engine. Organic products are those results that did not include any ads or sponsorships in them.

The algorithm of any search engine chooses which web page should rank on #1. Today, the most complex and accurate algorithm in all search engines is Google. That Is why google reveals very few points that how to rank a web page on #1.

Let’s discuss some of these features with you:

● Backlinks present on the web pages. It means how many websites are linked to your page — also called Off-page SEO Signals.

● The loading speed of the website matters a lot. If your website takes too long to open, definitely your users shut that page and move toward others.

● Several related keywords you have used on your page.

Some search engine result pages gain more organic results than others on their pages because they make their content according to their users’ different intentions.

Let’s suppose the user searched for information about Elizabeth. That is called the informational intent of the user. That means that the user is just here for information. He does not come to buy something on this page, and there is no sense in putting ads on the page.

Some users searched for Navigational intentions. That means searching the keyword to get the URL of a website or get the location of any place or for another navigational purpose. So, there is no such need to put any sponsorship on the page.

Many users searched the keywords to buy anything, and this is called transactional intention. These results are those results where there are the chances of purchasing anything by the user. Here is the need to display the ads. That means that most SERPs got more successful organic results and clicks due to their relevance based on their audience’s intentions.

Paid results:

The next type, other than organic results, is the paid results.

What are paid results?

Advertisers have paid those results to display their ads on the web page. Now, there are lots of such web pages that contain paid results as compared to organic products.

According to recent research, it is declared that ads appear 51.61% of page one SERP. That means that every SERP of page one has 3.10% of ads displayed on their pages.

Some ads are called PPC ads, while some are featured ad extensions. PPC ads are generally called Pay Per Click ads. These ads are those ads on which the advertiser pays for each click by the user. Suppose the user searched for the restaurant near him. Suddenly the ad pops up. If he clicks on the ad, you are going to pay for that click by the advertiser.

Featured ad extensions are those ads that give direction to their customers directly to the pages or website from the ads. If Google realizes any SERP as more informative and unique content, it puts the ads up and down on your web page.

Some ads are called shopping ads. Such types of ads are based on images. Suppose you have searched for any product. You can see the short feedback of some development on the right corner of SERP. This is a very fantastic feature of Google Adwords. This feature permits the retailers to show a brief description of products on the side of SERP. That helps a lot get the product’s information, whether available or not, its price and other aspects.

Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are content retrieved from the web pages to give the right information to the user in a concise way.

According to recent research, It is concluded that the CTR of featured snippets increased at a rapid rate from 2% to 8% when placed in the answer box and gets more organic traffic.

Are there any types of snippets?

Yes, there are different types of snippets that you can also observe while searching for anything. Let’s discuss all of them:

Paragraph snippets: These Snippets are in the form of paragraphs. If any user searches for a query and gets the snippet of the answer in the form of a section, it is called paragraph snippets. Paragraph snippets mostly appear when the user searches for “WHAT IS or HOW” IS keywords.

Bulleted snippets: These snippets mostly appear when the user searches for types or best products, such as best domains of WordPress, best Domain providers of 2021. In this sense, Google provides bulleted or numbered snippets to such users.

Table snippets: Such snippets in which information is given in the form of tables. Suppose you searched for any WordPress domain. You will get the price, date, and eligibility of the domain in the form of a table.

Video snippets: The snippet recommended by the search engine in the form of video is called video snippets. If you have searched for any query and get the video snippet, you can click on the below SERP and access the video on the web page.

HOW can snippets increase the CTR?

In my opinion, Snippets are one of the best opportunities for you to get more organic CTR on your content and web page. If your content is relevant to your audience, Google automatically shows the short paragraph as a snippet on the SERPs’ top. That will increase Organic CTR.

Knowledge Graphs:

These are information based on different places, businesses, essential personalities. Google expanded this into particular details, which is called Wikipedia. Wikipedia is all about the information related to the product, company, place, etc.

This knowledge panel often appears on the right side of the search engine results page. Most of the information included in the Knowledge panels is human-edited, due to which it is out of reach for most of the websites.

Google imaging:

Google provides the information to their users with comprehensive research and effectiveness. When a user searches for any required query, Google collects all the relevant images from different SERPand makes the album of images related to the user’s keyword. These images are displayed in a horizontal way above the SERP.

Video results of Google:

Like Imaging, Google provides the user video results according to the searched keyword of the user. These videos are also displayed in a horizontal way above the SERP.

According to recent research, most of the videos recommended by Google are from youtube. 80% of the videos are linked with youtube.

Suppose you have searched for “How to make Pasta.” Google does not give you full tips about it. But it recommends you a video, which the user sees by clicking on the video from the linked web page.

People also ask for results:

One of the most unique and popping features Google has introduced is the people also ask section. When the user searches for any query with a keyword, Google automatically provides the related searches by people according to the user’s keyword. That will help users get more information about the question he has searched.

According to recent research, It is assumed that 50% of the SERP contains “people who also ask for” features in their contents.

How does this feature help in searching the keywords for content?

In addition to that, Let’s give you a unique tip related to this feature. If you are writing content and want to search for the most relevant keywords, you can search your primary keyword on Google and then get to the middle of SERP to reach people who also ask the section. Here you can quickly get the long-tail keywords for your content. This feature helps you a lot in ranking.


So, this is all about search engine result pages. It is not all because Google is changing its algorithm over time and introducing more stats and features. In this way, Google is the most authentic platform related to its algorithms. If you are confused about the SERP, snippets, paid or organic results, this article will help you. I hope you have learned a lot from that article.

Are you also a person who loses his effort and curses on his beauty?

Do you want to bring yourself out of that problem?

Then, you are literally in the right place. I will tell you all about pimples. What is the reason for their production, and how to get rid of pimples?

With that said, move straight to the article.


Everyone is facing this problem in his life. The people of any stage have to bother with that type of situation. Pimples make a vast difference in your beauty and give you a pretty tough time.

According to dermatologists, pimples mainly formed due to the accumulation of bacteria into your skin cells and inflammation in that area. And that area pops out from your skin, and it is called a pimple.

Pimples not only produce on your face but also form on other parts of your body. There are different treatments for different types of spots.

The most critical factors that often cause pimples are consumption of drugs, excess use of cosmetics, pressure on the skin, and inheritance.

Curious about “ How to get rid of pimples?” keep reading the article.

Ways to get rid of pimples:


Everybody is bothering with stress in his life. There is not a single person on the planet who is stress-free. Millionaires to sweepers all have anxiety in their lives. However, the reasons for stress can be different.

There are some reasons for stress. Some people remained stressed due to their…


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You have started a brand but did not know how to skyrocket your brand’s awareness?

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freelancing is a type of business that anyone can start without any investment. The required necessities of freelancing are, one should be a skilled and responsible person.freelancing may be in different fields like:



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